1059 micro- Remember record【 each road Big coffee Have Have Deng field】2019 smoke station country Inter art Bo meeting Cum Bead treasure jade stone exhibition Yesterday day open exhibition Sheng condition


2019 smoke station country Inter art Bo meeting Cum Bead treasure jade stone exhibition to3 month22 day in smoke station country Inter Bo View in heart Sheng Big open screen。 One even four day Of exhibition meeting, port city city people will zero distance from Connect touch To20 many One country Family with Ground Area Of near thousand name Reference exhibition Business band Come Of on Ten thousand Piece Jane treasure。 Connect under Come,免费在线色情电影 on with The small 日本学生妹偷拍自拍 One From Come Wai View Yesterday day open exhibition Sheng condition Right!

△ Zhu Dragon English

smoke station wide broadcast Electricity station nice Female the Lord hold Now field straight broadcast

smoke station network red the Lord broadcast and also Come La……

smoke station Electricity Vision station king brand new smell Festival Head Now field Pick visit


△ on Noon9 point half city people according to Times row team Enter field( sun gold Loyal Photo)

this Session art Bo meeting(2019) Gather set Up

Come from Australia Big Profit Asian、 *NAME? base S Tan、

S in Blue card、 More south、 Thai country、 ni Park Seoul

Wait three ten One country Family with Ground Area Of

near thousand name Reference exhibition Business,

number hundred Bit art Operation Family Make Product,

Can Weigh world boundary level art Operation Sheng feast!

△ king Loyal Strong Photo

Part 1

Bead treasure jade stone

Part 2

Bright mountain Hall red wood

king Loyal Strong Photo

step Enter in heart Big hall, most first in Vision wild in Out Now Of, Will yes Come from blessing build Fairy tour Of Bright mountain Hall red wood Family With。 this Session exhibition meeting, Bright mountain Hall for port city city people band Come Up Do not less Jane Product red wood。

“ This Times I They band Come Up old Laos Big red acid branch、 sea south More south yellow flower pear、 Print degree small leaf purple檀 Wait material quality, through Over Big division system Make and to make Of Jane Product red wood Family With” Bright mountain Hall red wood Family With negative responsibility people Jie Shao Say, all All yes Receive Tibetan level do not, material quality positive Zong。

▲ high files red wood sand hair tea a few( Time Korea Ping Photo)

▲ can Capacity Na ten many people Of circle shape red wood meal table

Place Have Of Reference exhibition Production Product work art fine湛, fine Festival At Do Display Carpenter heart hit mill。 Big gas Of outer View、 high files Of Product quality lead Got Reference exhibition city people Have Have Thumbs up Do not Absolutely mouth。

Part 3

pavilion暉 jade Carving

Come from Liao rather Of pavilion暉 jade Carving Bit toB Pavilion Bead treasure exhibition Area, exhibition Bit in Chen Column The color Ze Light slip、 shape state each different Of jade Carving, each One Piece All fine Carving fine琢、 Skillful Take day work, Suck lead Up very many city people Wai View。

▲ Deng鸛 bird floor

jade Carving Make Product《 Deng鸛 bird floor》 Finish nice again Now Up Big poetry people king It渙 pen under Of“鸛 bird floor”, floor Yu pavilion榭 to fine Festival At but wonderful but Xiao, in Shoot lamp Of Photo Yao under, More hair璀璨 Take Head。 The Make Product take material muddy Of course day to make Of One Piece jade stone, by jade Carving Big division calendar Time6 One many month fine heart Carving engraved and to make, yes This Times Reference exhibition Of town Pavilion It treasure。

Part 4

Win Man treasure沉 Fragrant

△ Time Korea Ping Photo

Win Man treasure沉 Fragrant Pavilion the Lord Want Chen Column Up沉 Fragrant、 pure copper Hang furnace Take and copper Cast Buddha image。 also not go Enter沉 Fragrant Pavilion, Will Has Be馥 Yu Fragrant taste Suck lead; Wait step Enter Pavilion Inside, Fragrant taste gradually concentrated Yu And wear through sense Strong。 positive Place Predicate“ its Fragrant through number year Do not rest”, yes Fragrant material in Of Jane Product。

▲ plating gold copper image Ground Tibetan king( left One)

according to沉 Fragrant Pavilion king total Jie Shao, One Piece copper Cast art Operation Product Have Xu many Road Traditional complex Of work sequence, One open beginning system Make mud Plastic original type, Connect The mud Plastic again繙 to make wax mold, in wax image mold type on First two Times Carving engraved Bureau unit Make type, its Rear again Take“ Lost wax law” system Make Cast Make use Of air heart mold Version, will copper Wait gold Genus material material high temperature plus heat to make iron water Rear Irrigation Note Enter mold Version, most Rear in hit mill versus throw Light Rear, please high monk Loading Tibetan祈 blessing, One Piece fine nice Of copper Cast art Operation Product Count circle full Finish work。

Part 5

Jane art Hall

△ sun gold Loyal Photo

Come from south Beijing Of Jane art Hall, in tooth Carving ring He He Have name, special Have Of fierce犸 tooth Carving fine nice、 Resistant use、 Jane expensive, Prime Have“ Have machine treasure stone” Of nice reputation。

▲ Elephant tooth in package Luo Ten thousand Elephant( king Loyal Strong Photo)

▲ each Species tooth Carving One View

▲ but wonderful but Xiao Of male eagle tooth Carving

Part 6

purple robe jade village

king Loyal Strong Photo

purple robe jade village a few Depends each Session art Bo meeting All meeting To field, This Times with to often One kind, for wide Big city people band Come Up Jane expensive Of purple robe jade art Operation Product。 purple robe jade with life mountain stone、 field yellow stone、雞 blood stone and Column, enjoy Have“ four Big country stone” Of nice Weigh。 it Take沉 stable Of purple color for Load body, green jade article phase see, Accompany Have brown、 yellow Wait Jane expensive color color。

Part 7

in country work art

in country work art yes in country work art set group Have limit public Division Of from the Lord Product brand, this Times Come To exhibition meeting Of yes smoke station this Ground Of Minute public Division。“ This yes I They First three Times Come Reference plus art Bo meeting Up, before Two Session Over Come Do not tube yes people flow the amount also yes Production Product recognize can degree, All very full meaning!” in country work art Of punishment total laugh Surplus Surplus Ground with Remember By Say Road。

▲ porcelain flower Ji Xiang Such as meaning

Ji Xiang Such as meaning yes this Times in country work art band Come Reference exhibition Of most expensive weight porcelain Device, by blessing build province work art nice Operation Big division Chen gold through Invasive Make burn system and to make。 whole One Make Product yes in Such as meaning It on proud Of course綻 put The Two Flower牡 Dan flower, give people One Species rich expensive Code elegant、 Pun蓽 Health Hui Of sense feel, shock sigh It At in to each sheet栩栩 Such as Health Of flower valve, actually and also All yes porcelain burn system Out Come Of!97超碰网超碰在线视频

▲ purple robe jade put Piece

Part 8

Family Sen wood Carving

▲ nine Dragon play Bead wood Carving( sun gold Loyal Photo)

Come from blessing build province Xiamen door city Of Family Sen wood Carving, for this Times art Bo meeting band Come Up pole for shock撼 Of wood Carving exhibition Product—— nine Dragon play Bead。 This Piece wood Carving Make Product Imitation Buddha Have The from 偷拍女性阴道 Of謼 Suck, Zhang弛 Have force,超碰无码片 nine One Dragon head Wai Winding around The in between circle Bead From dance Teng fly, exhibition Now Up睥睨 nine State Of Fight gas、 group Knot four sea Of Apartment meaning。

▲ More south yellow pear wood tea plate( sun gold Loyal Photo)

▲ old Laos yellow pear wood long table(2M*7M)

Part 9

day Yu art Operation

green copper copper Carving Special Family“ day Yu art Operation” carry most new force Make Come Reference exhibition, green copper art Operation to make for this Session art Bo meeting on Of One Big bright point。

△ Time Korea Ping Photo

△ sun gold Loyal Photo

Part 10

Jane pottery Pavilion

△ Time Korea Ping Photo

Jane pottery Pavilion Come from River oo view De town, yes by when Ground One some porcelain art name Family Big division group to make Of pottery porcelain art Operation Product public Division。 this Times yes 自拍阴部图 They First six Times Come Reference exhibition, band Come Up pottery porcelain work art Product Take and porcelain painting art Operation Product。

△ sun gold Loyal Photo

you No Rational by Do not Come Of exhibition meeting

Bead treasure、 tea leaf、 purple sand、 pottery porcelain、 book painting、 work art Product、 red wood Family With...... This TRUE Of yes One One should Have Do Have Of exhibition meeting, turn One ring under Come fine color real in yes too many Up。 Do not only exhibition Product fine color, for Up Let port city Eliminate fee By buy Got put heart, art Bo meeting Correct Reference exhibition Business Have The strict grid Of quasi- Enter machine system, only Have positive regulation Of know name Business Family square can Enter Station。

△ Zhu Dragon English Photo

△ sun gold Loyal Photo

Look Finish This some you also Have Even What? Rational by Do not Come Stroll One Stroll, exhibition meeting will hold Continued to3 month25 day, Hurry tight invite Dear Friend it is good Friend, end approximately From Come Right!