【 Text trip Zhi】 too original Dragon spring Temple use65 Ton pure copper hit Make Up One One Imitation Tang Ground palace


Dragon spring Temple

return溯 between, all yes Therefore thing

too mountain in too original oo south square to。

Lift Head liao hope, mountain巒 Burst兀崢嶸, Man mountain all over wild, Cang emerald want drop, Creek spring Surge flow, Ding Thump Make ring, ring territory quiet elegant, view color Show Korea。

“ too mountain” It name, beginning see to south towards Beam Text learn Family sink approximately Of《 Song book》。 phase pass, Fives generation Time Have mountain people“ stone dare when”, Take Yong dare Weigh The to north Chinese, because and smell name遐邇, on even Living live Of This 国外日韩av免费网站 mountain and also with The Out Up name,久色终合久色综合88 mountain take“ Thai mountain stone dare when” Of sound Righteousness, Therefore name too mountain。

also Have One Species Say law, yes phase pass too mountain Of mountain pulse far View on it is good like One One Big Big Of“ too” word, Place Take on Life name for“ too mountain”。

Dragon spring Temple——

Dragon spring Temple sit drop in too mountain Of mountain waist on, Bit to too original city oo south23 public in At。

phase pass its original name call too mountain Temple, only because for when Ground Long day no rain, in when Ground hundred surname with official member One From To This in to on day祈 rain Of Time Waiting, hair Now Up汩汩 spring water, Take for yes on day God trace, Place Take take name for“ Dragon spring”。

in2008 year5 month, Special Family through Over One One many month Of dig dig, in too mountain Of Dragon spring Temple Attached near dig Out One One thousand year stone letter, through Have turn off Special Family hair dig certificate real for Tang Wu week Time period Buddha tower base site, base site under hair dig Out One 超碰最新免费上传百度 Ground palace。

Ground palace Inside Tibetan Have One One stone letter, stone letter Inside set Loading Have鎏 gold copper Decoration wood槨、 wood tire鎏 gold copper槨、 wood tire silver槨、 gold棺, Total meter Fives weight棺槨。 Inside Have Gather to make stack Of One grain shape Object body, should for House Profit。

The Legacy site yes Buddha tower Ground palace瘞 Buried(yì mái) House Profit Of early period real example, and also yes Now Save Ground palace in most early Of One example。

Out earth Legacy Object Wait level More high, for research Research Tang generation Buddha teach and gold silver Device Wait system Make work art mention for Up real Object Capital material。

2013 year5 month, Dragon spring Temple Be Column for First Seven Batch all country weight point Text Object Guarantee Protection single Bit。

65 Ton pure copper hit Make Up One One Imitation Tang Ground palace

2018 year year bottom, in country mountain oo too original too mountain Dragon spring Temple House Profit tower complex build work Cheng Connect near Finish to make。

too mountain view Area work Cheng Take Sheng Tang build build wind grid for the Lord, gold star copper work Cheng Carpenter heart camp Make Up One One Text Chemical thick weight、 temple Court Macro Korea、 garden forest deep邃 Of Imitation ancient build build group, Finish to make Up Imitation Tang formula House Profit tower Ground palace copper Loading Decoration、 six angle copper pavilion build Assume and Buddha fun station copper Loading Decoration work Cheng。


Imitation Tang formula House Profit tower Ground palace copper Loading Decoration

Hangzhou State gold star copper work Cheng fine heart hit Make Of Imitation Tang Ground palace, Ground palace Inside House Profit tower, Algae well Fight arch,学姐偷拍学妹洗澡 wall surface wall painting, Out Enter Big door, Take and Buddha image Wait All for copper system, use copper the amount Da65 Ton。

熠熠 lamp Light It under, At At gold Bi Hui Huang。

step Enter Ground palace, welcome surface Place see Of yes Lying Buddha copper image,百度网av成人色情图 posture state Shu exhibition Kui梧, surface Capacity God state Ann Xiang。

along The through Road before Row, 97资源站超碰在线夜 under Ground brick, four week wall painting, head top Algae well Hang top All for copper system, Restore Hiro Big gas Of Ten thousand thousand Buddha meaning From four surface Eight square ring Winding around and Come, Imitation If Enter Enter Buddha country pole fun It Ground。

House Profit treasure letter pavilion Bit Living Ground palace in Central, yes Code type Tang formula build build wind grid。

pavilion high3.1 Meter, long width1.4 Meter, station base long width5.5 Meter。

treasure letter pavilion in Save put Of Will yes Out earth Of Buddha bone House Profit, Jane expensive non- often。

Ground palace wall surface Of fine nice copper Carving wall painting, All Come source to Buddha teach Therefore thing, Suck Receive Up Dun Huang wall painting wind grid。

Big梵 day、 emperor release day Two Width wall painting Bit to House Profit treasure letter pavilion Two side。

four square for four Big day king, which is east square hold country day king, oo square wide Head day king, south square increase long day king, north square many smell day king。

four square day king Next to side Of four Width wall painting Come source to《 Big nirvana槃 Zen》, Minute do not for Legacy teach Product、 should Do also source Product、 machine sense荼毘 Product、 Holy Body Profile Run Product。 speak description Buddha 亚洲成人图片av release迦牟 ni most end Legacy teach、 Enter General nirvana槃、 Buddha body荼毘、奇米影音四色综合导航 Minute Match House Profit Of Over Cheng。

Yang head hope go with, yes fine nice Of copper Carving wall painting with Algae well。 lotus flower shape shape Of Hang top Living to in Central, four surface for fly day Make type, outer Have wonderful sound bird, Make anti- bomb琵琶、 Vibration wing want fly It shape。 wonderful sound bird It outer, title Connect The Eight Big菩 Sa Of art Operation Make type, it is good One send strong Korea village strict Of Buddha country gas Elephant。


six angle copper pavilion

six angle copper pavilion long width10 Meter, high15 Meter, for Tang formula six angle pavilion。

all copper Place system, steel Knot Structure Inside lining body, copper Carving outer package body Of Comprehensive Combined copper Carving build build art Operation Product。

another outer, tower body many At Setting Embedded treasure Bead, Light color Take Head。


Buddha fun copper station

Buddha fun copper station long12.5 Meter, width10 Meter, for all copper build build。

station on shop Assume Up near130㎡ copper Ground brick, four week Wai Winding around50 Yu Meter copper column Rod, gold Bi Hui Huang, lead people Station foot。

One Minute虔 Honest Two Minute it is good odd three Minute Exploring ancient

this day Of people They瞻 Yang The This 骚女自拍逼照 thousand year Of tower base, with Time sense Subject to Sheng Tang Time generation Zong teach art Operation Of Wei Big to make on, remote miss you Jin Yang ancient city Once through Of rich foot Traditional Rong。

Imitation If Dear calendar, real in yes nice it is good Of people Health Inter Encounter。