【 Multiply Potential and move, Save Potential again hair】2019 on sea country Inter ancient play art View Operation Bo meeting trick Business all surface exhibition open!


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2019 year6 month25-30 day, First six Session on sea country Inter ancient play art Operation Bo View meeting will in on sea world boundary hand work industry Bo View garden(C Pavilion) Long weight Lift do! shop day cover Ground Of Announce pass, all surface drop Ground, flash Yao on sea!

this Session exhibition meeting regulation mold ultra Over6000 Yu level square Meter, Standard quasi- country Inter exhibition Bit250 Yu One, another Assume Have high low cabinet station group Combined150 Yu One

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1. Drill stone treasure stone: Drill stone、 red treasure stone、 blue treasure stone、 half treasure stone、 91自拍视频下载 mother green、 people Make treasure stone、偷拍学生妹自慰图 water crystal Wait;

2. Bead treasure first Decoration: yellow gold、鉑 gold、 White silver、鈀 gold、 Drill stone、 south red、 Jane Bead、 Shan瑚、 Setting Embedded class Wait;

3. jade Device jade stone:翡 emerald、 with field jade、 life mountain stone、 field yellow stone、岫 rock jade、 green field jade、雞 blood stone、 green gold stone、 *NAME? forest stone、 spirit wall jade、 Shan瑚、 blue field water crystal、 Ma瑙、 coal fine Wait;

4. Jane Bead Shan瑚: light water Jane Bead、哥色综合影院 sea water Jane Bead、 day this Jane Bead、 south foreign Jane Bead、 Big Creek Ground Jane Bead、 horse White Bead、 support Colonization Jane Bead、 people Make Jane Bead、 red Shan瑚、 Shan瑚 Jane Product、 Shan瑚 Match Decoration;

5. Bead treasure first Decoration plus work Assume Prepare: Bead treasure first Decoration auxiliary material Match Piece、 Bead treasure first Decoration plus work new Technology Operation、 Bead treasure first Decoration plus work new Assume Prepare、 Bead treasure Production industry garden、 Bead treasure first Decoration city、 Bead treasure cross easy in heart、 special color Bead treasure through camp field Place Wait;

6. work art Product class: pass System work art Product、 people between work art Product、 jade Carving、 wood Carving、 root Carving、 copper Carving、 paint Carving、 shell Carving、 bamboo Carving、 stone Carving、 bone Carving、 pottery Plastic、 mud Plastic, Buddha Bead、 hand string Wait;

7. ancient Code Family With class: red wood ancient Code Family With、 in country each Time period ancient Dong Family With、 ancient old Family With、 Bright clear formula Imitation ancient Family With、 each Species new ancient Code formula Family With、 yellow flower pear、 purple檀、 acid branch Wait name expensive hard wood Family With、 ancient Code Family With Match Piece、 name expensive wood material Wait。

8. Receive Tibetan Product class: ancient generation book painting、 name people word painting、 ancient Dong、 porcelain Device、 discipline Read chapter、 discipline Read currency、 ancient money currency、 ancient silver Device、 ancient bell table、 Imitation ancient Text Object、 Text Object complex system Product Wait;

9. art Operation Product class: book law、 country painting、 oil painting、 water color painting、偷拍妻换图 Version painting、 special meaning book law、 country Inside outer painting gallery、 nice Operation Pavilion、 art Operation Product public Division、 beat Sell public Division Wait