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1、繙 Cast law

this Species square law Take TRUE money original Product do mold child pinch Make。 Pouring Cast copper water many for Now generation copper money or copper mirror melt solution and to make, yes Take繙 Cast copper quality still for green copper or red copper。 by to heat rise cold Shrink original because, Take to make this繙 money Want small to to make this, which is繙 Cast small One匝。 this Species Pseudo money on city pole many, Have Of a few can Chaos TRUE。

繙 Cast law

2、 change engraved law

抉 Choose old copper money More thick Of Of mill go with original Have pen ink, change engraved another One Species dilute see Product Come pinch Make。 this Species pinch Make Product for number Do not less。 Such as Fives銖 change engraved for too clear Feng fun, small goods spring change engraved for Yong Light view with Wait。 another Have抉 Choose copper money Text system mold paste Of add engraved pen ink or star month, Such as change engraved half Two for Two Two or half half, change engraved Fives銖 for Fives Fives or銖銖。 use each Species square law do not tree One flag。

3、 stick Combined spell Connect law

this Species square law many use to even spring、 Combined Back、 with Text money。 take雷 with Product Two to number Pie, mill go with No money Of One unit Minute, stick Combined spell Connect, which is to make even spring、 Combined Back or with Text money。 another Have mill go with two One old money Of Back, spell Combined From Come to make for Two surface pen ink。

4、 Light color Make old law

Out earth ancient money calendar through hundred year public open Rot Chemical, Have Of muddy body shallot green、 Have Of red、超碰最新上线视频黑人 green、 yellow、 White, spot class barge barge, goods currency boundary Weigh for“ live Buried rust”。 pass world Of ancient money by to Long long play reward, oil sweat Enter table, money body Present yellow brown or brown color。 Make Pseudo By for Obtained Got“ live Buried”、“ pass world ancient” Of outer surface Rear fruit, lake south Electricity Vision station《 oo square Searching treasure》 Newspaper name:《 One Eight six Eight four nine two four two nine nine 》( 超碰在线警告 guide) Will in Pseudo money Light color on Make old。 rare see Of square law Take under:

1、 Look copper quality set TRUE Pseudo

ancient generation copper money Of material quality Have green copper、 White copper、 red copper with yellow copper four Species。 Bright generation Jia Jing Take before Cast money material quality One General All yes green copper, less the amount White copper, red copper Cast currency Liao generation More many。 green copper Capacity easy Broken裂,超碰国产最新网友自拍 Broken裂 surface no copper color, and will Broken裂 surface in stone head on Mo rub Rear, copper color which is Display。 yellow copper Cast currency with copper Carving mother money beginning to Bright generation Jia Jing, Such as fruit hair Now Bright generation Jia Jing Take before Of yellow copper money currency or copper Carving mother money, can Judge set yes Rear Cast no suspect。

2、 listen sound sound set TRUE Pseudo

ancient copper money year generation More Long, calcium Chemical More strict weight, calcium Chemical Rear Of copper money Lost go with copper Of original sound, use gold Genus hit hit sound sound沉 stuffy, sound sound More small, Time between More Long。 Where yes hair Now sound sound tip high Of ancient copper money, Say Bright No Have calcium Chemical Now Elephant, can Judge set for new彷 Product。

3、 smell gas taste set TRUE Pseudo

ancient money currency TRUE Product by to long period Buried Enter Ground under, Health Have rust color, Out earth Time meeting band Have One share pure positive Of mud earth Fragrant taste,快播电影偷拍走光 No Have do not Ground different taste。 and FALSE money band Have Pseudo Make Of rust color, Have thorn nose Of膠 water taste、 pine Fragrant taste、 Health paint taste Wait strange taste。

4、 View rust color set TRUE Pseudo

ancient copper money stop stop flow through Rear, Save put Do not when meeting Health rust。 pass world ancient copper money rust Floor More thin, And rust in Bureau unit, money surface Big unit Minute Present ancient black color。 Out earth copper money pit mouth Do not with rust color Do not with。 earth pit Out earth Of copper money,超碰concern情侣 rust Floor One General More thick, rust in One From Of copper money叩 open Rear, Have“ pan- gold”、“ pan- silver”、“ pan- blue” Now Elephant,“ three pan-” Now Elephant yes no law Imitation system Of;